The Web MD Project was a project devised by the US government in 1996. In short, the Web MD Project would create a website that gave the entire population cancer.

History Edit

The original plan for the Web MD Project was created in 1987, but as there was not yet a way to have millions of people go to one source, it was held off until the technology to do so was developed.

The popularization of the internet is partially what caused this project's near success, that and the increase of paranoia in recent years.

In 1996, Web MD was first launched, promising people all over the world an accurate analysis of any illnesses they had. However, though that is what the site said it was made for, the government had ill intentions.

The original intent for Web MD was to make all people in the world contract cancer via the Placebo Effect. Although most people's results ended with having cancer and some people may have contracted it this way, it did not actually achieve the world-wide panic it was created for. People weren't that stupid.

After the government deemed the project as a failure, they did a complete overhaul on the website so that it actually became what it said it was. However, there is a version of the website ready to go at any time that literally gives anyone who uses it Ebola. The name for this website is Web M-Death, and was created in 2002.

Trivia Edit

  • The idea that a website could cause a widespread epidemic seems crazy as shit
  • Web MD still has remnants of its original intent, as sometimes it will make the users falsely assume their symptoms are of direct connection to cancer