Tricycle trafficking, not to be confused with tricycle gangs, is the illegal act of selling tricycles without a tricycle-selling license. It has become less of a problem than it was when tricycle production had just began.

History Edit

In the beginning of the 20th century, tricycle production was at an all-time high. This caused many people to begin to forge tricycles or even steal them to re-sell for high prices without a license to do so.

As police began to become harder on tricycle trafficking suspects, traffickers began to form groups (or "rings") in order to sell the illegal tricycles more discreetly and efficiently. This idea worked well, as many deals would be going on at the same time in different locations, and thus if one trafficker were caught, the whole ring would not be in danger (unless the caught trafficker gave out details). The conditions of these rings were often much better than actual manufacturing companies of the tricycles, as everyone received fair pay and the rings treated each other as family. Even when one member outed the rest of the ring, the ring would still offer forgiveness to the member if they so chose to become part of the tricycle trafficking job again.

As tricycles became less popular in the 1950's, tricycle trafficking became less of a problem and rings started to disband (although still keeping close with each other, as, funnily enough, they formed close friendships that would forever last).

However, some tricycle trafficking rings still exist today and are well-known, yet the location of which is unknown. If you know the location or any information about any tricycle trafficking rings, please contact your local authorities.

Known Current Tricycle Trafficking Rings (and Their Leaders) Edit

There are 3 major tricycle trafficking groups still in business today;

  • The San Diego Big Wheels (led by Diego Sanchez)
  • Carlton's Tricycle Trime (led by Carlton Calico)
  • The Triforce of Tricycles (three different leaders, Penn Owers, Wilfred Isdom, and Theresa Ruth)

Trivia Edit

  • There used to be 300 tricycle trafficking rings in the US alone
  • Tricycle trafficking rings hired no matter age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else pertaining to a person's traits
    • This causes some people to believe that tricycle trafficking rings are more forward-thinking than the entirety of the Republican party