Togham, Georgia, was an American city that was home to Bat Mang and Bruce Wayng, and is where the Bat Hospital Takeover of 1900 occurred. However, the city was later renamed Atlanta in an effort to forget about its past.

History Edit

The city was founded when a group of Native Americans decided to cultivate the land to make it their home. When the Pilgrims migrated to the pre-US America, the Native Americans were savagely killed and the white Pilgrims decided to take the land.

The town grew well, with a lot of people coming in and out of the city (a lot being 200 - this was a long time ago), and within the next two centuries, it became a bustling city, home to many forms of technology and education.

All was pretty much the same as any other city in the US after that until 1900, when the Bat Hospital Takeover of 1900 occurred. The city was then steered away from for a couple decades, but that eventually blew over.

However, even though the Bat Hospital Takeover blew over, a new blemish on the city's history appeared - Bat Mang. In 1939, Bat Mang saved a clown from a group of elephants by killing the elephants. At this point, the city was then seen as a weird place, as people who began researching the city also found out about the Bat Hospital Takeover and decided to stay away. The city became frustrated because of the fact of it having less revenue from people visiting and moving to it.

2 years after Bat Mang's first incident, a man who called himself "The Riddlish" became yet another bad mark on the city's reputation, as he almost accidentally killed the whole city and then was killed himself by Bat Mang.

The city, for the most part, gave up losing its past for a while until a pack of feral kittens attacked the city in 1949. Bat Mang actually did something good at this time, as he saved the city, but was unfortunately killed when one cat sliced open his belly button, making his intestines spill out.

After this event's aftermath settled down, the city decided to forge a new history and remake the city whilst destroying any evidence of its former self. The city soon became Atlanta, Georgia, and the city became normal from then on.

Trivia Edit

  • Togham's seen some shit