Welcome to the The Secret Programs WikiEdit

People are hiding things from us... big things. Don't be afraid of to search for the unknown.

Unless you come across Robo-Dactyl-Zilla Titan, then you can be afraid.

(Don't take any of this seriously, this is just for fun, feel free to add your own things! And also see if you can find the references I've snuck in there, as well as any other references people might add!)

Where to beginEdit

All those Secret Programs! You don't know where to begin your journey through the secret world!

How about these?

Timeline Edit

From Whenever the Death Toll of Cancer Broke 100 to the Great Dolphin/Man-Lizard War of 6969, here's a (hopefully) coherent timeline of events of the pages on this wiki!


Stuff That You Don't Care AboutEdit

Unless you're an editor

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