The Riddlish was a man who obsessed over riddles and almost killed the residents of Togham, Georgia on accident before he was killed by Bat Mang.

Life Edit

The Riddlish (real name - Nedward Igma) was born in 1910 in Togham, Georgia, and was immediately fascinated with riddles. His first words were actually told in the form of a riddle, to which the answer was "mom".

When Nedward was 5, his IQ exceeded 200, but he couldn't put it to good use because his life was consumed by riddles.

When he turned 29, he had some hold on his life and was able to buy his own house. However, things were still difficult of Nedward, as he could only ever speak in riddles.

Unfortunately, when he was 32, he tried to order a pizza but ended up sounding so confusing with his riddle speech that he accidentally took over the city and almost killed the residents. It was at this time that Bat Mang stepped in and literally shot his brain out with a flaming crossbow bolt, and his brain was later found in a cabinet, dried out, and covered with barbecue sauce.

Most historians agree that if the Riddlish had been able to live for just ten more years at most, he would have been able to successfully be able to live with his riddle obsession and would be able to live a "normal" life.

Trivia Edit

  • The Riddlish probably had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • How his brain was found dried out, covered in barbecue sauce, and in a cabinet when it was shot out of his skull is a complete mystery