The Illumi-knit-ti, not to be confused with the Illuminati, is a secret organization that is responsible for thousands of yarn-bombings nation-wide.

History Edit

The Illumi-knit-ti was started shortly after yarn bombing itself in 2005 to keep the intentions of yarn bombing in mind to yarn-bombers everywhere, but has since spiraled into trying to maintain how, where, when, and why yarn bombings occur, even going so far as to limit the age of yarn-bombers to elderly only (65 years or older). Members that have outed or betrayed the group are reported to have been killed in "yarn-related ways" ranging from being knit a sweater that suffocates them or being used as material themselves, which is pretty brutal, and, as the media has put it, "complete overkill."

Trivia Edit

  • To become a member of the Illumi-knit-ti, one must be called out by 3 members themselves for their brilliant yarn-work and must completely cover a house in yarn in the name of the yarn gods
  • All members of the Illumi-knit-ti must also have 100% completed Kirby's Epic Yarn and Yoshi's Woolly World