Sour cream kids

Sour Cream Kids box art

Sour Cream Kids were a limited edition variety of Sour Patch Kids that was completely made out of frozen sour cream.

History Edit

In 1986, Frank Galatolie (creator of the Sour Patch Kids) decided that his company should make a new, white-colored variant of the normal Sour Patch Kids candy. However, no one in the company could figure out what flavor to give this new candy. So an ad campaign was started for fans to submit their own ideas for the new flavor. Ads produced stated:

"Hey kids! Love Sour Patch Kids? Have your own idea for a new flavor? Great! We want your ideas for a new white-colored variation of your favorite candy! Maybe we'll pick yours, and it'll be produced for everyone! Send your ideas to [Sour Patch Kids HQ address] (with parental permission) and see if you win!"
As a result, over 12,000 letters were sent to Sour Patch Kids HQ from children and adults alike, detailing the flavor they envisioned for a white Sour Patch Kid. The contest lasted just short of three months.

When the contest was over, Galatolie chose the new flavor not based on votes, but via a random number generator. The winner was, to many peoples' dismay, sour cream. Everyone at the company, including Galatolie himself, thought this idea was "disgusting" and should not be the new flavor. However, the company policy at the time was "thou shalt not lie" for some reason (it was changed in 1992), and saying that sour cream was not the winner would, of course, be a lie. So, regrettably, sour cream was chosen.

The new flavor of candy was not released until after a year of mild debate within the company. They had decided they had two options; release the new, disgusting candy, or close down the entire business until it all blew over. But, since the company had amassed a very large fan base at this point, shutting down the company was not a favorable idea, and Galatolie saw releasing the gross candy was the only way.

From February to July, 1987, Sour Cream Kids were produced and sold.

Reception Edit