SNAWRB (short for Supreme Nova Atomic Wide-Range Bomb) is a project that was created by Japan in 1920, but scrapped in 1974. It was later picked up again by Australia in 2005 for the upcoming Australian-American War that will occur in February 2015.

History Edit

In 1920, Japan was recovering from the Godzilla Attack of '18 and its government was not going to let this happen again. They started work on a bomb that would destroy an entire island. This bomb would harness the power of the atom bomb, but multiplied by one hundred. This was accomplished by splitting 100 atoms within the bomb, not just one. The bomb was only ever used once, in 1923 during the Robo-Dactyl-Zilla Attack. However, the bomb not only injured Robo-Dactyl-Zilla, but sunk the entire island it was on, Osalamisempei, which now no longer exists.

After Japan realized that the bomb was much too dangerous for usage, they threw away the design and started working on a bomb that would not result in utter disaster. However, 31 years later, in preparation for the Australian-American War, Australia picked up the project, and is currently studying how the bomb works and why it works and will later use it on America.

Trivia Edit

  • The SNAWRB can be pronounced as "Sn-aw-rrb" or "Snaw-rib".
  • If the SNAWRB were to split only 10 more atoms, it would result in a huge crater in the Earth, similar to that of Adventure Time.