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An artist's rendition of Robo-Dactyl-Zilla

Robo-Dactyl-Zilla is a result of Godzilla's sperm and Robo-Dactyl's egg cells coming together in a lab by Dr. Sirref. It is a female creation that laid waste to Osalamisempei, Japan before it was destroyed.

Physiology Edit

Robo-Dactyl-Zilla is a pterodactyl-based robot with the mouth, eye, and tail of Godzilla. It's head ends with an antenna, and jet engines are on its wings. It has the body and feet of a normal pterodactyl. It's tail ends in a metal ball that holds onto a small laser blaster and two saws.

It's insides are completely robotic, and it was only kind to its master/creator.

History Edit

Robo-Dactyl-Zilla was created on September 12th, 1923 and was released the same day in order to destroy Japan. However, it only was able to kill or eat the population of the island of Osalamisempei, which no longer exists because of the Japanese fighting back at it. This fighting that Japan put up resulted in her becoming unable to continue her rampage, so she had to fly back to her creator's lab in the lowest region of Australia, Arizona (U.S.), where the police had arrested her creator recently and then killed her two hours later.

However, she still lived on in the form of her son, Robo-Dactyl-Zilla Titan (at least until 2015), who was created thanks to the U.S. government sending her egg cells to the U.S.'s Titan Program in the last island of Hawaii.

Trivia Edit

  • Robo-Dactyl-Zilla did not even live a full day.
  • She was the last female in her family line.
  • The purpose of the saws on her tail are unknown.