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An artist's rendition of Robo-Dactyl

Robo-Dactyl is the first in the line of Robo-Dactyl's and is the first creature to come out of the Robo-Dactyl Project.

Physiology Edit

Robo-Dactyl has a metal, pterodactyl-like beak and a circular eye. Its head ends in an antenna. It has the body, wings, and tail of a pterodactyl, and its tail ends in a saw.

History Edit

Robo-Dactyl was created in 1893, a year after the project of the same name was started.

Robo-Dactyl's only accomplishment was that it ate the leader of the U.S. government. But a new one was elected, and it was unsatisfying to its creator, so it's egg cells were taken and it was shut down forever.

Its egg cells were then combined with Godzilla's sperm cells to create Robo-Dactyl-Zilla, which was a much more successful creation according to its creator, Dr. Sirref.

Trivia Edit

  • The purpose of the saw on its tail is unknown, though it may have been to kill people
  • It is the mother of Robo-Dactyl-Zilla and grandmother of Robo-Dactyl-Zilla Titan