NotGonnaPlayMyDSForAWhileNowBecauseIHaveAWii-U-Itis is the most deadly disease known to man. It is usually contracted when a person has gotten a Wii U and no longer plays their DS/3DS/2DS as much as they did before the Wii U was bought.

History Edit

The disease was first noted when the Wii U first came out, as the first person who put away their 3DS forever became deathly ill. The symptoms, at the time, made no sense as they were related to a game that had not come out yet and would not until October 21st, 2014, which is when the disease's spread rate and death rate increased dramatically.

Symptoms Edit

The symptoms resulting from NotGonnaPlayMyDSForAWhileNowBecauseIHaveAWii-U-Itis are:

  • Coughing out a "smash ball"
  • Breaking the smash ball resulting in a "final smash" that can kill people
  • Being able to deliver a super-strong punch into anyone's gut while the sound of a falcon is heard in the distance (known medically as a "Falcon Punch")
  • Electric kneecaps
  • Being able to withstand 300% more damage to the outside body before any real damage occurs
    • At 150%, the disease carrier will start puffing smoke from their pores
  • Being an extremely good fighter
  • Being associated with Nintendo, SEGA, or some other gaming system/company
  • Not bleeding while taking a beating
  • Sometimes spontaneously bursting into a song similar to that of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS's theme
  • Death within 7 days, which ends with the person with the disease bursting into spikes of light that can potentially infect other people

Trivia Edit