Mars attacks

Although this a very artistic view of the MRW, no battles were fought on Martian soil.

The Martian-American Revolutionary War was the war between the United States of Mars and the Earth's

United States (now called EUS) that led to the USM becoming its own independent country. It began in 2976 as a result of the USM declaring itself independent in 2975 and ended in 2978 when the USM beat the Earth US in an "epic" flame battle.

Before the War Edit

In the year 2973, the colonists of the 13 original Mars colonies first began to think of independence when the Earth US made a public announcement that said that all of Mars' resources would be used for the Earth countries. Mars colonists had decided not to use or even harvest the resources of Mars because they deemed it unethical, so they became upset when Earth countries wanted to take their stuff that they did not want to be used.

In 2974, Mars colonists sent 13 representatives to Yorksquire to decide what to do as a result of Earth Mars' refusal to not take resources. The representatives decided in a unanimous vote that the only course of action was to declare independence.

In 2975, the Mars colonists did exactly that by creating the Martian Declaration of Independence, causing the war.

During the War Edit

Although the war lasted only 2 Earth years (which would actually have been 4 years if not for the International Calendar Extension), many lives were lost.

At first, those lives mainly belonged to USM citizens when the EUS launched the initial "warning shot" missile towards Mars, killing 256 and injuring 13. However, events quickly turned around as the USM retaliated with 3 missiles, killing 778 and injuring 52.

The war then picked up pace as missiles were launched back and forth, until in the end over 10,000 were dead on either side, and EUS lost Florida to an unusually strong missile. At this point, both sides agreed to end the war with the winner being decided by an "epic flame war".

The War's End / The "Epic Flame War" Edit

The grand finale of the war was the "epic" back-and-forth freestyle rapping between the two nations. EUS mainly tried to lower the USM's ego by insulting the size of its citizens' penises, while the USM actually made valid points about the flaws of the EUS while still maintaining a "sick beat".

This war is regarded by many as the real loss of the war on the EUS's side, overlooking the fact of Florida's destruction.

Trivia Edit

  • Many say that this war was the most "epic war of all time", including many of the former USM presidents
  • Although the Logosians were not around yet to witness the war, they believe that the USM was unbeatable, its army untouchable, and its rap prowess unmatched
  • No battles were actually fought on Martian soil