Gen guy fieri

General Guy Fieri (more well-known as Guy Fieri from his food TV shows) is a former US Army general, and was the General before Colonel Adam Sandler took his place.

Appearance Edit

Juicy black boy with sexy hair and cool glasses

History Edit

Guy Fieri was a fat baby born in 1915. 10 years later, he became a private in the US Army. He ate anyone who was unlucky enough to face him in face-to-face combat, including his bullies and people he got in fights with.

20 years later, he had been through all the ranks and was finally promoted to General of the US Army. His war tactics almost always were "eat the enemy", and when it wasn't, it would be "slow roast the enemy and eat him later."

When Col. Adam Sanders took his place, General Fieri attempted suicide. His wife, Lady Fieri, stopped him and convinced him to start Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

War Crimes Edit

He ate the enemies

He just ate them

Trivia Edit

Here I'd like to note once again that this wiki is completely made up and for fun. In reality, Guy Fieri is actually a nice person.