The Bat Hospital Takeover of 1900 is an event in which a flock of over 5000 bats took over a hospital and continued to run it as humans would. The specific date for this event was January 27th, 1900.

Before the Event Edit

Leading up to the event, the hospital was a pretty well-maintained and well-run building. The people of Togham would go there to do all the things you go to a hospital to do, i.e. treat wounds, give birth, etc.

In a warehouse in the outskirts of Togham, a scientist named Carlton had genetically modified super-intelligent bats. The bats were treated very poorly, however, and this lead to Carlton being overthrown by his own creation and the bats' eventual escape.

In the Togham hospital, a baby named Bruce Wayng was just born and put into the infantry, just before the event took place.

During the Event Edit

When the bats finally reached the hospital, they entered through revolving doors and attacked and killed the entirety of the staff and patients, except for the newborn Bruce Wayng. A couple of bats named Margaret and Thad Thatcher (they were married) decided to adopt Bruce and raise him under their wing, quite literally.

Togham police tried to enter the building, but in all attempts the officer who tried to enter would be found dead 2 days later.

The bats then proceeded to learn how to use medical equipment for 2 years. Once they thought they had a firm grasp on the concepts and procedures, they re-opened the hospital to the public, and became the world's first animal-run hospital.

After the Event Edit

The hospital was very successful for 15 years, but in July, 1917, the FDA shut the hospital down, as several patients had contracted malaria from the bats. The closing didn't stop Margaret and Thad from raising Bruce, however, and Bruce led a very normal life outside of his home.

Trivia Edit

  • If Bat Mang is Bruce Wayng, this may have been the even that cause Bat Mang's existence