Azzikish is the language written and spoken by all Azzicans. It consists of 28 letters, 25 of which have corresponding English alphabet letters (in Azzikish, the letter "C" is replaced by either an "S" or a "K"). It is the National language of Azzica.

Pronunciation and Translation Key Edit

Each letter of the Azzikish alphabet is known by the sound it makes.


The Azzikish alphabet and the corresponding English letters

Below is a chart of how to pronounce each letter.

English Letter Azzikish Pronounciation
A Ah
B Boh
D Doh
E Eef
F Feef
G Joh
H Har
I Icka
J Gon
K Klix
L Loh
M Moh
N Noh
O Oot
P Plax
Q Kwoh
R Rax
S See
T Tup
U Ool
V Vool
W Veevool
X Clix
Y Yup
Z Zee
Th Tuppar
Sh Seepar
Ch Cheepar

Trivia Edit

  • Surprisingly, the English letter "Z" and the Azzikish letter for "Z" have the same pronunciation
    • Unless you live outside of the US
  • An Azzikish font will soon be made able to be downloaded