The Australian-American War is a war that will be the largest war Australia will ever have been in besides the Emu War. It is said to take place sometime in the future.

Reason Edit

The reason behind the war is to claim ownership of Azzica, a newly-discovered island that lies in the Pacific Ocean. The winner will be able to call it part of its country, and since Australia is both its own continent and country, it wanted more land to call Australian. America's reason for the war is just that it never has enough lands.

Possible Outcomes Edit

The possible outcomes of this war are;

  • Azzica becomes Australia's first non-main island
  • Azzica becomes the 51st state of the U.S.
  • Azzica is destroyed
  • A third World War
  • Australia is destroyed
  • Half of America is destroyed
  • Australia becomes the 52nd state and Azzica the 51st

Trivia Edit

  • Both sides of the war only want the island to be part of their country.
  • Both sides of the war have more technologically advanced war fare than when the island was discovered.
  • Only the Australian and American governments know about Azzica.