An artist's rendition of Godzilla, shown in 2014's Godzilla

The 1918 Godzilla Attack is the fabled attack of Godzilla on Japan that resulted in the Godzilla films. It occurred January 28th, 1918.

Before the Attack Edit

Before the attack, many Japanese citizens had been reported missing the night before. They were last seen swimming on the shore facing the Pacific Ocean.

The morning of the attack, many citizens had heard rumbling from the water and many retreated to underground bunkers.

The Attack Edit

The attack happened at approximately 3 in the afternoon, directly following the latest showing of Jazzhands! The New Dance Craze! as Godzilla hated that show. In fact, that was the first building Godzilla attacked, but was so enraged by the musical, that he tracked down all the script editors and writers, actors, and their families and destroyed only the buildings containing them, until Japan's military started firing missiles. The missiles resulted in Godzilla attacking every building in sight, along with the military vehicles shooting at him. He was only brought down 2 days later by John Nuzllock, who gave his life in order to kill Godzilla. He did so by strapping a suicide vest onto himself and purposefully getting eaten by Godzilla. Once inside his throat, he blew up. This did not kill him, but it gave him a severe soar throat, causing him to retreat to the ocean, since everyone knows gargling salt water will help a soar throat.

The Aftermath Edit

To this day, Japan has not fully recovered from the Godzilla attack. There is no longer a Jazz Hands! The New Dance Craze! show anywhere.

After retreating to the ocean, Godzilla was finally killed three years later in an effort to retrieve his sperm cells in order to make Robo-Dactyl-Zilla.

Trivia Edit

  • The last known living relative of Godzilla was Robo-Dactyl-Zilla Titan, who died as a result of his attack on a Milwaukee school.
    • However, there is a rumor of a Robo-Dactyl-Zilla Titan Duece, which will be stronger than its father.
  • Godzilla was notably stupid
  • Jazzhands! The New Dance Craze! was actually well-received among the smarter peoples of Japan.
    • Godzilla's hatred of the show may have been due to his lack of getting the jokes and references presented by the show.